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    SubjectRe: Another rsync over ssh hang (repeatable, with 2.4.1 on both ends)
    Date writes:
    > Russel, you are warned that kernels<2.2.17 and rsync is an incompatible
    > combination.

    So, what you're saying is that because these kernels have known problems
    with rsync, the fact that my symptoms on 2.4.0 are 100% _precisely_ the
    same means its not the same bug?

    In addition, the fact that the tcp _retries_ indicate that both sides
    are behaving correctly _in this instance_ means that its not a 2.4 bug?

    If you still insist that it is purely a 2.2.15pre13 bug dispite the
    growing evidence against this, then I shall see if I can get everything
    together to put 2.2.18 on this machine. I can't guarantee when I'll
    be able to do this though.

    Also, as I pointed out, since the machines are 40+ miles away for
    most of the week, and are without a reasonable net connection, I
    can only comment on what is _currently_ running, and I thought it at
    least useful to indicate that both my and Scott symptoms are identical.

    PS, could you please spell my name correctly?

    PPS, rather than arguing about this, can people proceed to investigate
    Scotts problem, and I'll "tag along" to see if my problem gets fixed.

    Russell King ( The developer of ARM Linux

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