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SubjectRe: Escape sequences & console
On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Sébastien HINDERER wrote:

> According to linux/drivers/console.c, function setterm_commands, case 12,
> one can change the virtual console by sending an escape sequence to
> /dev/cnsole (what I want to do), hower, this is not documented in man
> pages.

From the source of the chvt program:

if (ioctl(fd,VT_ACTIVATE,num)) {
perror("chvt: VT_ACTIVATE");
if (ioctl(fd,VT_WAITACTIVE,num)) {

Where fd is /dev/tty, /dev/tty0, /dev/console or std{in,out,err} (From the
source, I doubt this ioctl works on all of those).


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