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Subjectis it possible to upgrade crusoe code morphing software with linux?
Hi Daniel,

This is a message from 14 Feb.

> Linus Torvalds <> writes:
> > We're going through our docs and we have internal programs that we'll
> > release for this so that you'll not just have docs but actually working
> > code too. It just needs to be cleaned up a bit, and go through the proper
> > channels (ever wonder why open source gets deveoped faster?). It really
> > should be "any day now".
> Working code is better anyway (and in this case, it's first). Go to
> your favorite mirror and check out
> /pub/linux/utils/cpu/crusoe/longrun-0.9.tar.gz
> It does everything you could ever want and more, as long as you include
> the CPUID and MSR devices in your kernel, set up the devices correctly,
> etc.

longrun works great, thank you. :-)
But I read this:

Transmeta, Intel in a battle for notebooks By Michael Kanellos
Staff Writer, CNET
November 13, 2000, 2:25 p.m. PT

comdex LAS VEGAS--Transmeta and Intel will slug it out next year with
a slew of low-powered chips for notebooks.

Comdex 2000: Back to the future In the first quarter of next year,
Transmeta announced Monday, it will release version 4.2 of its
code-morphing software that significantly reduces processor power
consumption. Code-morphing software is a software layer on top of a
chip that picks up a number of the duties that would normally be
handled by the chip itself and thereby cuts power consumption.

"We made a substantial difference (in power consumption) in
essentially what is the same silicon," Dave Ditzel, Transmeta CEO,
said Monday in an interview with CNET at the Comdex trade
show here.

Now I searched and can't find a thing about where to
get the upgrade or the tools to perform the upgrade. Are they available
somewhere or is there an eta?

CPU: Processor revision, 600 MHz
CPU: Code Morphing Software revision 4.1.4-7-51
CPU: 20000805 23:30 official release 4.1.4#2
CPU: Transmeta(tm) Crusoe(tm) Processor TM5600 stepping 03

I would love to upgrade to version 4.2 :-)


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