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Subject[CHECKER] 10 additional >= 1K stack variables

after some config problems were fixed, there were 10 additional stack
variables found that were >= 1K in size. (Though the two tty_io* ones
are already known.)


/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/drivers/char/tty_io.c:2030:tty_unregister_devfs: ERROR:VAR:2030:2030: suspicious var 'tty' = 3112 bytes
/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/drivers/char/tty_io.c:1995:tty_register_devfs: ERROR:VAR:1995:1995: suspicious var 'tty' = 3112 bytes
/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/drivers/i2o/i2o_proc.c:2492:i2o_proc_read_lan_alt_addr: ERROR:VAR:2492:2492: suspicious var 'result' = 2060 bytes
/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/net/irda/af_irda.c:1743:irda_setsockopt: ERROR:VAR:1743:1743: suspicious var 'ias_opt' = 1356 bytes
/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/net/irda/af_irda.c:1981:irda_getsockopt: ERROR:VAR:1981:1981: suspicious var 'ias_opt' = 1356 bytes
/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/drivers/block/../../lib/inflate.c:750:inflate_dynamic: ERROR:VAR:750:750: suspicious var 'll' = 1264 bytes
/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/drivers/block/../../lib/inflate.c:301:huft_build: ERROR:VAR:301:301: suspicious var 'v' = 1152 bytes
/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/drivers/block/../../lib/inflate.c:688:inflate_fixed: ERROR:VAR:688:688: suspicious var 'l' = 1152 bytes
/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/fs/devfs/base.c:3156:devfsd_read: ERROR:VAR:3156:3156: suspicious var 'info' = 1056 bytes
/u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.1/drivers/net/wan/cycx_x25.c:983:hex_dump: ERROR:VAR:983:983: suspicious var 'hex' = 1024 bytes
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