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    SubjectRe: [CHECKER] 28 potential interrupt errors
    David Woodhouse wrote:
    > [ n_r3964.c stuff ]
    > ...
    > akpm, were you looking at this?

    I'm planning on poking through everything which has been
    identified as a posible problem. But I won't start for
    several weeks - give the maintainers (if any) time to
    address these things.

    So.. please go ahead :)

    There's another thing which needs doing to n_r3964.c, BTW - the
    abuse of task queues in r3964_close(). This is, I think, the
    only client of task queues which needs to poke so deeply into
    the implementation internals and Linus has mentioned something about
    needing to redesign the task queues in 2.5. So n_r3964 needs
    somehow to be redesigned so that it can use standard APIs.

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