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SubjectRE: APIC usb MPS 1.4 and the 2.4.2 kernel
:: AFAIK, the option to compile w/o APIC is only for UP systems.  If you
:: want to use both of your processors, you have to compile in APIC
:: support, but just disable it when loading the kernel (ie. for lilo,
:: 'append="noapic"')

I haven't seen the beginning of the APIC/VIA/Tyan thread, but isn't there a
way to check if the APIC's OK, instead of resorting to workarounds like the

:: That would explain why it works for me. Now, if only I didn't have
:: devices that need to have their BIOSes upgraded via a Windows .exe...


That's a good point, actually. I can't recall a single BIOS or device BIOS
flasher that works under anything but DOS (or in some cases, Windows). Is
there any work being done on this for Linux?

-- Juha

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