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Subject2.4.2-ac20 build fails with some pcmcia option

make bzImage gives this:

ld: cannot open drivers/net/pcmcia/pcmcia_net.o: No such file or

with the following .config:

# PCMCIA network device support
# CONFIG_NET_PCMCIA is not set

I'm not sure how the 'CONFIG_PCMCIA_NETCARD=y' got set as my `make
config` only shows:

* PCMCIA network device support
PCMCIA network device support (CONFIG_NET_PCMCIA) [N/y/?]

Hmm, I did a `make config` again and just presed 'enter' on all of the
lines and the CONFIG_PCMCIA_NETCARD=y was no longer in my .config -
though it still is in my .config.old.

It's late, maybe it was me - but I don't believe so...
(I do notice that CONFIG_NET_PCMCIA is in arch/i386/defconfig. Perhaps
it should not be)

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