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    SubjectRe: APIC usb MPS 1.4 and the 2.4.2 kernel

    On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Greg KH wrote:

    > On Tue, Mar 13, 2001 at 12:25:13AM -0500, Pete Toscano wrote:
    > > Well, I can't speak for the consequences of noapic (I've wondered as
    > > much myself), but I know that there's been a problem with SMP 2.4
    > > kernels (even the 2.4 test kernels) and USB running on VIA chipsets for
    > > a while now. I'm told by the linux-usb maintainers that it's a problem
    > > with the PCI IRQ routing for the VIA chipsets, but I've been unable to
    > > get anyone who knows about this to do anything (and I've been asking for
    > > a while). Alas, since this stuff is beyond me, I just accept the fact
    > > that it'll probably always be broke.

    > It seems that the APIC on this motherboard does not have most of the
    > pins connected, so that even if we could get the USB interrupt to work
    > properly (which we couldn't) there would be no benefit to run in APIC
    > mode. I was going to run some crude benchmarks on the box with and
    > without APIC mode just to get an sense if we are missing anything
    > running in noapic mode, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Very interesting. I had not heard about this. Are there any SMP boards
    with a VIA chipset that does work well with Linux and USB? I have an
    old P2B-DS that I had replace with this board as I needed more PCI
    slots. Heck, for that matter are there any SMP boards that work well
    with Linux and USB that have six or more PCI slots?

    > But, Linux does seem to run just fine with USB and SMP in the noapic
    > mode, which is a lot better than Win2000 can say, as it doesn't even
    > support the VIA USB chipset on this board at all :)

    How would this express itself? I recently upgraded from WinME to Win2k
    and it all _seems_ to be working well. Where would I look to verify

    Thanks for the info and the update.

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