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SubjectRe: 2.4.x very unstable on 8-way IBM 8500R
On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Dr. Kelsey Hudson wrote:

>> I've been playing around with 8-way IBM8500R (8x700MHz Xeon) with 4.5GB
>> memory & AIC7xxx SCSI-controller. It's perfectly stable with 2.2-kernel
>> (from Red Hat 7) but very erratic on all 2.4-kernels I've tried it with
>> (2.4.[012], compiled both with egcs and RH7's gcc-2.96, both share the
>Under redhat 7 you should use kgcc to compile the kernel, since gcc2.96 is
>inherently broken(*).

>> same symptoms). It did have a ServeRAID controller too but IBM suggested
>> we take it out since 4500R also had problems with it on 2.4 but it didn't
>> make any difference at all. Also tried to turn off highmem support but
>> didn't make difference either.
>(*) redhat chose to ship an experimental compiler with this release of
> the distribution that has a great many bugs. to ensure proper kernel
> compillation another proven version of gcc was included, but called
> kgcc instead. You should always use this to compile your kernels
> under redhat 7 until the newer version of gcc is released.

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