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SubjectAic7xxx troubles with 2.4.1ac6
It looks like ac6 (which I believe includes the patch you posted) is
still a no-go with 7892. The boot halts and it just prints this once a

(SCSI0:0:3:1) Synchronous at 160 Mbyte/sec offset 31
(SCSI0:0:3:1) CRC error during data in phase
(SCSI0:0:3:1) CRC error in intermediate CRC packet

This happens also with ac5+the small patch you posted earlier. ac2 works
fine (although something did corrupt my MBR while using it. It is still
a complete mystery to me what could have done it. Now I'm unable to
boot NT; linux of course works with the boot floppy.)

ac2 dmesg's:

SCSI subsystem driver Revision: 1.00
(scsi0) <Adaptec AIC-7892 Ultra 160/m SCSI host adapter> found at PCI
(scsi0) Wide Channel, SCSI ID=7, 32/255 SCBs
(scsi0) Downloading sequencer code... 392 instructions downloaded
scsi0 : Adaptec AHA274x/284x/294x (EISA/VLB/PCI-Fast SCSI) 5.2.1/5.2.0
<Adaptec AIC-7892 Ultra 160/m SCSI host adapter>
(scsi0:0:3:0) Synchronous at 80.0 Mbyte/sec, offset 31.
Vendor: QUANTUM Model: ATLAS 10K 18WLS Rev: UCHK
Type: Direct-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 03
Attached scsi disk sda at scsi0, channel 0, id 3, lun 0
SCSI device sda: 35566480 512-byte hdwr sectors (18210 MB)
Partition check:
/dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target3/lun0: p1 p2 p3

cat /proc/scsi/aic7xxx/0
Adaptec AIC7xxx driver version: 5.2.1/5.2.0
Compile Options:
TCQ Enabled By Default : Enabled

Adapter Configuration:
SCSI Adapter: Adaptec AIC-7892 Ultra 160/m SCSI host adapter
Ultra-160/m LVD/SE Wide Controller at PCI 3/9/0
PCI MMAPed I/O Base: 0xfc8ff000
Adapter SEEPROM Config: SEEPROM found and used.
Adaptec SCSI BIOS: Enabled
IRQ: 10
SCBs: Active 0, Max Active 8,
Allocated 31, HW 32, Page 255
Interrupts: 42493
BIOS Control Word: 0x58a4
Adapter Control Word: 0x1c5e
Extended Translation: Enabled
Disconnect Enable Flags: 0xffff
Ultra Enable Flags: 0x0000
Tag Queue Enable Flags: 0x0008
Ordered Queue Tag Flags: 0x0008
Default Tag Queue Depth: 8
Tagged Queue By Device array for aic7xxx host instance 0:
Actual queue depth per device for aic7xxx host instance 0:


Device using Wide/Sync transfers at 80.0 MByte/sec, offset 31
Transinfo settings: current(10/31/1/0), goal(10/127/1/0),
Total transfers 42420 (34614 reads and 7806 writes)
< 2K 2K+ 4K+ 8K+ 16K+ 32K+ 64K+ 128K+
Reads: 39 0 25175 3674 4257 946 433 90
Writes: 0 0 3558 1864 502 480 455 947

cat /proc/scsi/scsi
Attached devices:
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 03 Lun: 00
Vendor: QUANTUM Model: ATLAS 10K 18WLS Rev: UCHK
Type: Direct-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 03

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