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SubjectRe: FA-311 / Natsemi problems with 2.4.1
Well, I know this problem very well....

It seems that the original driver has some problems
to set up the chip and flush its receive buffers before
transmitting them.
I made some patches to make this chip work well.
I have one for 2.2.17 kernel, and one for 2.4.0 one.
I sent this patch to D. Becker some time ago,
but he never replied me, and, as far as I know,
never integrated it.

Here's my version for 2.2.17 kernel.
I made it work very well for a few weeks.
It's a bzip2 attachement,
as it is a bit long....
I'll send my patch for 2.4 kernel
as soon as I have finished to clean it up !!!

Jocelyn Mayer

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