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On Mon, 05 Feb 2001 15:50:26 Tom Sightler wrote:

> Anyway, here's the patch again, hope it works this time. It includes the
> following changes:
> - fix addresses with bus_to_virt
> - reduce xmit buffers from 4 to 1 (puts driver in noop mode like ni52
> driver)
> - increase recv buffers from 6 to 9 (should help decrease dropped
> packets)
> - add short delay to detect routine (makes cards detectable on fast
> machines)
> - use eth_copy_and_sum for receiving packets
> It passed basic stress testing with multiple, simultaneous ftp transfers.
> Known bugs:
> - Multicast still doesn't work at all (I have patches that seem to fix
> this but they have other problems)
> - Still drops packets under heavy traffic (can be reduced further by
> lowering MTU on interface)
> - Sometimes requires host to send a packet before it starts receiving (I
> can't reproduce this on my equipment anymore, but needs more testing)
> Anyone with this card please test and report back.

This works for me. I had to frig the patch file though (I think /my/ mailer
(balsa) was screwing it up though).

I did an NFS transfer of ~100Mb file (a tar of linux 2.4.1). Details:

10Base2 Co-ax segment, lightly used, shared with one other machine.
Transfer rate: 5,854,215 Mbit/s
Overruns: 18

I didn't check what the overruns were prior to the transfer but all I had
done was the NFS mount and couple of directory listings.

I'm very happy with this; under 2.2.17 with this card, I was getting about
1Mbyte per minute for an NFS transfer. My friend thanks you too.

Michael Pacey
ICQ: 105498469

wd21 ltd - world domination in the 21st century

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