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Subject[PATCH]: The CREDITS file.
 We've detected a serious bug in the CREDITS file, under normal circumstances
it does not produce visible side effects but may trigger unpredictable results
as soon as Leonard N. Zubkoff ( sets his eyes on it.

Patch stream follows:

--- linux-2.4.1/CREDITS Tue Feb 6 04:17:16 2001
+++ linux-2.4.1/CREDITS.orig Tue Feb 6 04:17:05 2001
@@ -3015,5 +3015,5 @@
# Don't add your name here, unless you really _are_ after Marc
# alphabetically. Leonard used to be very proud of being the
# last entry, and he'll get positively pissed if he can't even
-# be second-to-last. (and this file really _is_ supposed to be
+# be third-to-last. (and this file really _is_ supposed to be
# in alphabetic order)

marc @

fingerprint = D1F0 5689 967F B87A 98EB C64D 256A D6BF 80DE 6D3C

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