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SubjectRAID autodetect and 2.4.1
> Hi,
> I have a server with RAID1 partitions with linux 2.4.1 (stock,
> self-compiled) installed. It was easy to create the RAID partitions
> but when booting, no auto-detection is successful. The kernel says
> that autodetect is running, then done, but nothing is auto-detected.
> My devices are IDE devices (hda + hdc) and all drivers are bult-ins
> (no initrd nor modules). After the boot, making a raidstart works
> like a charm...
> Any advice?
> Help welcomed.

Sounds like you didn't set the partition type to be "FD" which is what
the raid autodetect looks for. (Read the Software-RAID howto). I
did the same thing yesterday. :)

Chris Bayly

Email: Chris.Bayly@UAlberta.CA | CNS, UNIX Support
| 151 General Services Building
| University of Alberta
Web: | Edmonton, Alberta
| Canada T6G 2S7
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