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    Subjectext3 fsck question
    We are running ext3 1.20 on a 2.2 kernel for about a year now on
    a flash disk. No problems to speak of that we know of yet.
    I just discovered that we do not have the fsck.ext3 nor any of
    the other efs2progs utilities.

    I applied the libs and other utilites from e2fsprogs by hand.
    I ran fsck.ext3 on my secondary partition and it ran fine. The boot fsck
    on / was complaining about something but I could not catch it.
    I then went single user and ran fsck.ext3 on / while mounted.
    Bad move. It ran and reported many errors which I chose to repair.
    It screwed the partition up to the point where it paniced on boot.
    I could still get it into single user but I found that lots of files were
    missing which happened to be located in lost+found (inittab, rc.local, etc).

    Anyone else have luck with this combination?
    Excuse the stupid question, but with ext3, do I really require the

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