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SubjectRe: binfmt_script and ^M
On Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:38:23 +0100
Ivo Timmermans <> wrote:
> Heusden, Folkert van wrote:
> > > When running a script (perl in this case) that has DOS-style
> newlines
> > > (\r\n), Linux 2.4.2 can't find an interpreter because it doesn't
> > > recognize the \r. The following patch should fix this (untested).
> >
> > _should_ it work with the \r in it?
> IMHO, yes. This set of files were created on Windows, then zipped and
> uploaded to a Linux server, unpacked. This does not change the \r.

Unzipping the files with the "-ll" option should fix that. There's no
particular reason why the kernel should handle CR+LF; LF has been the
end-of-line character for UN*X systems since Adam was a cowboy.
Changing it now would only lead to a situation where some things would
work with CR+LF and others wouldn't. Let's keep it simple...

Bruce Harada

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