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    SubjectRe: Stale NFS handles on 2.4.2
    On Sunday February 25, wrote:
    > On Sun, Feb 25, 2001 at 08:25:10PM +1100, Neil Brown wrote:
    > > On Saturday February 24, wrote:
    > > Verrry odd. I can see why you were suspecting a cache.
    > > I'm probably going to have to palm this off to Trond, the NFS client
    > > maintainer (are you listening Trond?) but could please confirm that
    > > from the client you can:
    > >
    > > 1/ ping server
    > > 2/ rpcinfo -p server
    > > 3/ showmount -e server
    > > 4/ mount server:/exported/filesys /some/other/mount/point
    > >
    > > If all of these work, them I am mistified. If one of these fails,
    > > then that might point the way to further investigation.
    > I have server:/home mounted on /home, the directory /home/david is the
    > mount file/directory on that mount that has a stale handle, everything
    > else on that mount point works including accessing any file under
    > /home/david.

    So... you can access things under /home/david, but you cannot access
    /home/david itself?
    So, supposing that "fred" were some file that you happen to know is
    in /home/david, then

    ls /home/david fails with ESTALE and does not cause
    any traffic to the server and
    ls -l /home/david/fred succeeds.

    Is that right?

    Could you try:
    echo 255 > /proc/sys/sunrpc/nfs_debug

    and then do the "ls /home/david" and see what gets put in
    /var/log/messages (or kern_log or syslog or where such things go).

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