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SubjectRe: reiserfs problem
Chris Mason wrote:
> On Friday, February 23, 2001 05:03:40 PM +0000 Patrick Mackinlay
> <> wrote:
> > When 2.4.1 was released I reported a kernel oops with reiserfs, I got no
> > response.
> Hmmm, don't seem to have any other reiserfs mail from you. Sorry I missed
> it.
> [ ...]
> >
> > kernel oops report:
> >>> EIP; d2cf9db8 <[reiserfs]create_virtual_node+298/490> <=====
> We've had a half dozen or so reports so far of this, almost every time it
> has been resolved as a compiler issue, usually an unpatched gcc 2.96. One
> user was using 2.95.3, but did not report back if switching to 2.95.2 or
> egcs fixed the oops.
> Anyway, which compiler did you use to compile the kernel?
> -chris

I didn't want to join the kernel mailing list (too much traffic) so I
sent it to the email address suggested on the reiserfs home page. I
guess it didn't get through.

It seems I am in fact using a buggy compiler (damn RedHat 7, forgot I
had upgraded on this machine) I will try re-compiling with another
compiler and let you know if I still have problems.


Patrick Mackinlay
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