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SubjectRe: reiserfs problem

On Friday, February 23, 2001 05:03:40 PM +0000 Patrick Mackinlay
<> wrote:

> When 2.4.1 was released I reported a kernel oops with reiserfs, I got no
> response.

Hmmm, don't seem to have any other reiserfs mail from you. Sorry I missed

[ ...]
> kernel oops report:
>>> EIP; d2cf9db8 <[reiserfs]create_virtual_node+298/490> <=====

We've had a half dozen or so reports so far of this, almost every time it
has been resolved as a compiler issue, usually an unpatched gcc 2.96. One
user was using 2.95.3, but did not report back if switching to 2.95.2 or
egcs fixed the oops.

Anyway, which compiler did you use to compile the kernel?


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