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SubjectRe: PCI oddities on Dell Inspiron 5000e w/ 2.4.x
On 22 Feb 2001 23:01:14 -0800, Barry K. Nathan wrote:
> Tom Sightler wrote:
> > What's strange is that I have the exact same type of machine and I don't see
> > this problem, could you forward me your kernel config as well? I'll compare
> > that, and your info from your previous message to mine and see if we can
> > find a difference.
> Another variable, perhaps, is the BIOS version. (If you have Quick Boot or
> whatever it's called enabled (which is the factory default), you'll have
> to hit F2 when the "Dell" screen appears at startup, to try to enter the
> BIOS setup (before Setup starts, it will show the BIOS version number and
> a bunch of other stuff).)
> I have a working machine, with BIOS A04. (Strangely enough, my Inspiron
> 5000e came with BIOS A03, and a floppy disk with A04, along with
> instructions with a "do not use this BIOS flasher unless you have [some
> werid video-related problem]" type of disclaimer. Since I was having those
> APM oopses under Linux, I decided to try upgrading. It didn't fix the
> oopses, though.)

I have a BIOS that'll fix your APM problems, at a minimum. Anyone who
wants it can email me privately, since the site I put it up on no longer

Brad Douglas

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