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SubjectRe: TESTERS PLEASE - improvements to knfsd for 2.4.2
On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Henning P. Schmiedehausen wrote:

> (Neil Brown) writes:
> > I am looking forward to seeing lots of downloads and absolutely no
> > problem reports.... but is seems unlikely.
> > Alan Cox has suggested that these changes may not be appropriate for
> > 2.4, so we might have to wait for 2.5 to see them on, but
> > we don't have to wait till then to find the bugs.
> Oh, please not again a stable kernel series with NFS problems, we're
> locked in for ages. 2.2 was bad enough up to 2.2.18. We have ReiserFS
> in 2.4.1 (and not in 2.4.0), could we _please_ get NFS-exportable
> ReiserFS in 2.4.4 or 2.4.5?

2.2.18 is still broken, won't play NFSv3 games with FreeBSD clients.
Neil has posted a patch here which fixes this.

And, ReiserFS messes NFSv3 up, I'm currently switching all my boxes back
to ext2, because I'm really pissed. And if these NFS annoyances
continue, it might be about time to try FreeBSD or NetBSD. Journalling
file systems which hide their files away for maintainer incompetence and
uncoordinated patching around don't buy us anything except continued
"don't use Linux as NFS server" reputation.
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