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SubjectRe: Newbie ask for help: cramfs port to isofs

> I've nearly no prior experience with kernel hacking (nor C if you have
> to ask, haha), sorry in advance for the newbiesh looking. ;-)
> See attach for a rough try to port cramfs to isofs which gave me lots
> of oops and reboots and fscks this week. Please if you have some spare
> time to give it a look with your experienced eyes to help me out of
> this helpless state. Thanks alot!
> I plan to automatically de-compressing ``*.cramed'' files made with
> cramit.c (which is a simplified version of mkcramfs.c also attached
> below) from within isofs.o. This indeed isn't a very clean idea I
> agree. If you have better design, please let me know.

Nice toy: I believe that it should even _speed up_
operations. Surely if you have k6/400 with 4x cdrom like me ;-).

> My problem is that when I after mount ``$ file somefile.not.cram.ed''
> the kernel hangs. And my de-compression code surely has some thing

strace file somefile.not.cram.ed, and looks what what goes bad.

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