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SubjectBootp-Bug in 2.2.18 ?

to me it seems, there is a bug in 2.2.18 which does not allow remote

A diskless client shall be booted via bootp (where 'diskless' is not the
problem). So a kernel is configured with the options:
* Networking options/IP: kernel-level configuration support/BOOTP
support and
* File systems/Network file system/Root file system on NFS
The kernel is dd-dumped to a floppy and the client is booted.

With kernel 2.2.16 and 2.4.x the client sends its bootp-request to the
network, gets an answer and boots without any problems.
The __same__ machine with 2.2.18 (configured the same way as
2.2.16/2.4.x) on its disk boots until the network adapter
initialisation, but the bootp-request to follow is _not_ send - it
cannot boot.
An extra test booting the 2.2.18 kernel from a disk with lilo on it
submitting the appended 'ip=bootp'-option causes the kernel to _tell_
that a bootp-reqest is send, but in fact it is _not_ (listening to the
network shows this result). So the machine can not get an answer and
cannot boot, respectively.

Because it works with 2.2.16/2.4.x it should be a kernel problem.
Any ideas ?

Joerg Ziuber Institut fuer Chemische Technik
University of Karlsruhe Kaiserstrasse 12
Tel. 0721 / 608-2399 D - 76128 Karlsruhe
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