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SubjectRe: APM suspend system lockup under 2.4.2 and 2.4.2ac1

Unfortunately, the APM maintainer, Stephen Rothwell, seems to have
gone into hibernation (pun) and is not responding to emails.

bradley mclain <> writes:

> apm --suspend causes my system to hang under 2.4.2 and 2.4.2ac1. it
> was working fine under 2.4.1ac19. looking at syslog it appears that
> the driver for my xircom pcmcia card may be involved -- it was the
> last entry on two of three occasions. the latest lockup (under
> 2.4.1ac1) left no trace in syslog.

Are all kernel messages dumped to syslog? See syslog.conf(5).

> upon issuing the command the screen shuts down, but the rest of the
> machine (drive, etc.) fails to, and i cannot get control back.

If the screen shutdown, all the PM enabled drivers OK'd the suspend
and the APM state was changed.

Perhaps the particular driver you used bungled things somehow. You
could try again with the driver/card unloaded, which would help narrow
the cause of the problem down.


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