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Subject2.42 broke PCMCIA IDE

Just installed a custom Debian system using kernel
2.4.1 + ReiserFS (root running reiserfs) and it works
just fine. Since kernel 2.4.2 has been released, when
recompiling a new kernel (the 2.4.1 I used has been
trimmed to fit my modified boot disks) I used that
instead, after hearing about the multimode and
reiserfs bugs.

Kernel boots, and... pcmcia-cs starts with a high and
low beep. Card detected as a 5V using cardctl status,
but silly me, forgot to note the reading given by
cardctl ident.

Running Debian woody, 02/18 snapshot, using gcc
2.95.3. Hardware is the Sony Picturebook C1VE (Crusoe)

Any idea?



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