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SubjectRe: creation of sock
im a kernel newbie here so pardon "the blind leading the blind" ...

doing a quick search for all calls to sk_alloc in the entire kernel
yields only one call that sets the "zero out the allocated struct"
to false and that is:
this funtion in turn is only ever called from:

the comment above the ipv4 version is (verbatim):

* The three way handshake has completed - we got a valid synack -
* now create the new socket.

so if you need those experimental values of yours zeroed out on socket
creation i suggest replacing this snippet from

if(sk && zero_it) {
memset(sk, 0, sizeof(struct sock));
sk->family = family;


if( sk ) {
/* set your NULL init values here */
if( zero_it ) {
memset(sk, 0, sizeof(struct sock));
sk->family = family;

doh! i just re-read your mail and realized youre using the 2.2.15
my examples are from the 2.4.2 sources...

looking at the 2.2.16 source (i have only 2.2.1[46] and not 2.2.15 for
2.2 series) the (roughly) congruent if block of code is:

if(sk) {
if (zero_it)
memset(sk, 0, sizeof(struct sock));
sk->family = family;

and so if you're setting your init values to NULL under the "zero_it"
condition you would get the behavior that you reported.

hope that helps.
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