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SubjectRe: problem with devfsd compilation

On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

> > I am trying to compile devfsd on my system running RedHat linux 7.0
> > (kernel 2.2.16-22). I get the error "RTLD_NEXT" undefined. I am not
> > sure where this symbol is defined. Is there anything that I am missing
> > on my system.
> Sounds like a missing include in the devfsd code. That comes from
> dlfcn.h.

If you add -D_GNU_SOURCE to the make line in CC_OPTS (or CCOPTS, I forget
which) it works fine. Had the same exact problem here.

- Mike

Michael B. Trausch
Avid Linux User since April, '96! AIM: ML100Smkr

Contactable via IRC (DALNet) or AIM as ML100Smkr

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