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    SubjectRe: did 2.4 messed up lilo?
    Chris Mason wrote:
    > On Friday, February 02, 2001 03:36:18 PM -0500
    > wrote:
    > > I'm not sure whether this problem is related
    > > to 2.4 kernel.
    > >
    > I suspect it is a reiserfs problem, and that you are using lilo older than
    > 21.6. Are you mounting /boot with -o notail?
    > Regardless, I'm willing to bet upgrading to lilo 21.6 will solve this. It
    > calls an ioctl reiserfs provides to unpack small files, and I've seen it
    > fix this exact problem on one of my devel boxes (no lilo prompt, append
    > lines in lilo.conf ignored).

    I also found this patch for lilo 21.6:

    Perhaps someone familiar with the lilo and reiserfs code could explain
    whether or not this patch is really needed.

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