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SubjectRe: [LONG RANT] Re: Linux stifles innovation...
On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, David Howells wrote:
> I suspect part of the problem with commercial driver support on Linux is that
> the Linux driver API (such as it is) is relatively poorly documented

In-kernel documentation, agreed.

_Linux Device Drivers_ is a good reference for 2.2 and below.

> and seems
> to change almost on a week-by-week basis anyway. I've done my share of chasing
> the current kernel revision with drivers that aren't part of the kernel tree:
> by the time you update the driver to work with the current kernel revision,
> there's a new one out, and the driver doesn't compile with it.

This is entirely in your imagination. Driver APIs are stable across the
stable series of kernels: 2.0.0 through 2.0.38, 2.2.0 through 2.2.18,
2.4.0 through whatever.


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