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SubjectRe: ethernet driver probs (tulip, de4x5, 3c509)
Jeff Garzik <> writes:

> On 20 Feb 2001, Manfred Bartz wrote:
> > I have 3 NICs (2*DEC, 1*3c509) in my gateway (P75, 40M RAM).
> >
> > tulip.o in 2.4.1 insists on selecting 10baseT, no command
> > line option can convince it otherwise. tulip.o in 2.2.16 auto
> > detected media and worked fine.
> A little info on your cards would be helpful. With well over 100
> different types of Tulip cards, I can't just read your mind :)

The problem seems to be generic. It is always related to media
selection and occurs with at least 3 different NICs which are based
on the 21040 and 21041 chips.

> lspci, tulip-diag, and dmesg output would all be helpful.

I have not got lspci but since the driver reports the correct IRQ and
IO-ports that should be no issue. (I'll install lspci if necessary).

Outputs of dmesg, tulip-diag, and some other info is now at:

> > de4x5.o in 2.4.1 needs to be told the media, then works fine.
> > de4x5.o in 2.2.16 auto detected media and worked fine.
> de4x5 is going away, anyway.

Pity. It works and I really like the manual options interface... :/

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