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SubjectRe: MTU and 2.4.x kernel

> Please cite an exact RFC reference.

Imagine, I found this reference yet. This is rfc1191, of course. 8)

in the MSS option. The MSS option should be 40 octets less than the
size of the largest datagram the host is able to reassemble (MMS_R,
as defined in [1]); in many cases, this will be the architectural
limit of 65495 (65535 - 40) octets.


PS: But:

A host MAY send an MSS value
derived from the MTU of its connected network (the maximum MTU over
its connected networks, for a multi-homed host); this should not
cause problems for PMTU Discovery, and may dissuade a broken peer
from sending enormous datagrams.

Note: At the moment, we see no reason to send an MSS greater
than the maximum MTU of the connected networks, and we
recommend that hosts do not use 65495. It is quite possible
that some IP implementations have sign-bit bugs that would be
tickled by unnecessary use of such a large MSS.

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