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SubjectRe: Aic7xxx troubles with 2.4.1ac6
Ville Herva wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 06:16:01PM +0200, you [Ville Herva] claimed:
> > On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 07:53:55AM -0500, you [Doug Ledford] claimed:
> > > Ville Herva wrote:
> > > >
> > > > It looks like ac6 (which I believe includes the patch you posted) is
> > > > still a no-go with 7892. The boot halts and it just prints this once a
> > > > second:
> > > >
> > > > (SCSI0:0:3:1) Synchronous at 160 Mbyte/sec offset 31
> > > > (SCSI0:0:3:1) CRC error during data in phase
> > > > (SCSI0:0:3:1) CRC error in intermediate CRC packet
> > >
> > > Check your cables, especially the connector on the card and the drive. Look
> > > for any possible bent pins. The message you are seeing is *usually*, but not
> > > always, a legitimate data corruption issue. It doesn't show up under the
> > > 5.2.1 driver because it limits your Quantum drive to 80MByte/s and that
> > > particular speed doesn't include CRC checking. On this driver you have to be
> > > running at 160MByte/s before CRC checking is enabled.
> >
> > I checked the cables. I think HP didn't supply proper 160 MB/S capable
> > cables (aren't those the ones with wattlings?). When I forced the drive to
> > 80MB/s from bios, not only did aic7xxx/ac6 work like charm, but the BIOS
> > also found the "missing" MBR. Stupid problem ;).
> Umm, I think I said that too early. I begun to have problem even during
> boot; the scsi bios did recognize the drive, but the bios didn't find the
> boot record. This was completely cured by forcing the drive to 80MB/s mode.
> So I think the cable wasn't Ultra160 capable.
> However, the 2.4.1ac6, 2.4.1ac2 and 2.19pre6 aic7xxx.c still had trouble
> with the drive. I went back to 80MB/s, 40MB/s and even 20MB/s, but that
> still didn't help. 2.4.1* reported time out while waiting for a command and
> would go into an endless loop resetting the bus. 2.2.19pre6 said there was
> an error during the data in phase, but after some coughing it booted up and
> seemed to work quite alright.
> NT4 booted up without and visible problems.
> The HP service guy changed the motherboard (integrated scsi) the cable (to
> another (80MB/s one), and the drive logics, but that didn't help.
> The problems first started after the motherboard was first changed (due to
> separate problem.) The new one had newer bios and scsi bios.
> Anyhow, I just compiled 2.4.1ac13 with Justin Gibbs's aic7xxx, and it does
> not suffer of any problem at 80MB/s.

There was a new aic7xxx driver (version 5.2.3) that went into the 2.4.1ac
kernel series around 2.4.1-ac7. I would be curious to know if it worked on
your machine properly.


Doug Ledford <>
Please check my web site for aic7xxx updates/answers before
e-mailing me about problems
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