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SubjectRe: Driver for Casio Cassiopia Fiva touchscreen, help with conversion
> is a rather Bad Hack (seeing as it was built rather blindly to mimic the
> behaviour of the Windows driver, and has IRQ/port hardcoded in), but it
> works for me with the 2.2.16 kernel.

Thats pretty much how we did the pc110 pad driver too.

> The device outputs 5 byte packets - 1 status byte, 2 bytes each for X & Y
> coordinates. The devel branch of GTK+ has support for /dev/fidmour in the

That also sounds suprisingly familiar. I wonder, I wonder 8)

> I'm wondering if anyone has a resource that would provide information on
> porting this driver to the 2.4 kernel.

Two approaches. #1 You leave it as its own misc device and XInput device as
the pc110 pad does (the pc110pad reports ps/2 codes and does drag/tap in
the driver - might be worth a look to steal that)

> I would welcome comments on this driver, or on the MPC-501 and Linux in
> general. Bonus points to anyone who actually understands why the driver
> works and how the hardware works. :)

You might want to let the guys at know about it so they can
add it to their resources on the fiva

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