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SubjectRe: [LK] Re: lkml subject line
Date said:
> I haven't complained about any of this on the list until now, because
> I know I'm in the minority and I don't expect most people to care
> about my problems. But it bothered me seeing the criticism Mike
> Harrold has gotten for his request. Not everyone has problems because
> they're lazy. Some of us are boxed in by decisions that are beyond
> our control. For my part, if anyone can tell me a method (that
> doesn't require Notes administrator assistance) to get my mail, with
> headers intact, out of Notes and into elm or pine, I'd be ecstatic.

If your employer can't run a decent mail system - they lock you into crap
clients, don't add X-rbl-warning headers for ORBS-listed hosts, or they
can't manage to set up a reliable and efficient mail system - or maybe you'd
just be embarrassed to post to technical fora from a domain with only one MX
record - then just don't use it. Use a personal account elsewhere for all
mail which isn't strictly confidential.

It works for me.


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