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Subjectprotocol fe11 is buggy, dev eth0

I am running kernel 2.2.17 and my logs are littered with:

"protocol fe11 is buggy, dev eth0." I managed to locate where in the
source code this line gets printed. However I can't say much more then that.

Any ideas if this has been fixed? Please cc to my address since I am not
on the list.


This msg comes from the kernel (as syslog mentions), more precisely from
$(LK_SRC_ROOT)/net/core/dev.c (usually $(LK_SRC_ROOT)=/usr/src/linux) :

/* More sensible variant. skb->nh should be correctly
set by sender, so that the second statement is
just protection against buggy protocols.
skb2->mac.raw = skb2->data;

if (skb2->nh.raw < skb2->data || skb2->nh.raw >= skb2->tail) {
if (net_ratelimit())
printk(KERN_DEBUG "protocol %04x is buggy, dev
%s\n", skb2->protocol, dev->name);
skb2->nh.raw = skb2->data;
if (dev->hard_header)
skb2->nh.raw += dev->hard_header_len;

Justin F. Knotzke
pgp public key

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