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SubjectRe: ACPI slowdown...

> Tony Hoyle wrote:
> I'm talking to myself :-)
> OK I see that safe_halt() will re-enable interrupts. However this is only
> called in S1. If your machine gets as far as S3 you have...
> for (;;) {
> unsigned long time;
> unsigned long diff;
> __cli();
> if (current->need_resched)
> goto out;
> if (acpi_bm_activity())
> goto sleep2;
> time = acpi_read_pm_timer();
> inb(acpi_pblk + ACPI_P_LVL3);
> /* Dummy read, force synchronization with the PMU */
> acpi_read_pm_timer();
> diff = acpi_compare_pm_timers(time, acpi_read_pm_timer());
> __sti();
> if (diff < acpi_c3_exit_latency)
> goto sleep2;
> }
> There is no halt here... the interrupts are enabled for only a couple of
> instructions (one comparison and a jump) before being disabled again.
> It seems to me if the computer gets into S3 it'll effectively die until
> some kind of busmaster device wakes it up (DMA?).


If interrupts come in cli-ed section, it will be postponed until
sti. It then comes, and sets need_resched and recovers.

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