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SubjectRe: [preview] VIA IDE 4.0 and AMD IDE 2.0 with automatic PCI clock detection
On Fri, Feb 09, 2001 at 04:42:52PM -0600, Philip Langdale wrote:
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> Vojtech,
> I've tried out your new via driver and it
> appears to have solved the problem with
> the mis-detected ls-120 drive, but the ata66
> drives are still being run at 33.
> More interestingly, the pci-clk calculations
> seem to be returning badly off values.
> My motherboard is a kt133a+686b btk7a from abit.
> When I set the FSB to 133 with PCI=133/4=33 the
> timing code returns 43mhz.
> when I set the FSB to 100 with PCI=100/3=33 then
> it returns 42mhz.
> These are scarely different from the nominal values.
> I didn't observe anything bad in the few minutes
> I was running like this, but right now I've hacked
> the driver back to a hardcoded 33.
> What should I do next?

Are you willing to do some experiments? I suppose the 686b is somewhat
different than the other chips (I tested it on 686a and 586b).

Vojtech Pavlik
SuSE Labs
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