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SubjectRe: IRQ Routing Problem on ALi Chipset Laptop (HP Pavilion N5425)

> Could I get your comments on a patch against 2.4.16-stock? I'm trying to
> figure out the best way to automagically work around the bug, and this
> is the best I've come up with so far. I need more DMI data from other HP
> 5400 series AMD/ALi laptops with the problem to come up with the most
> accurate matches - right now it's tied to my machine type and BIOS
> version.

Yep. Patch looks reasonable.

I have same problem on HP Omnibook xe3, and yes, your previous patch
fixed it (as I wrote you). Here's DMI output

DMI 2.2 present.
29 structures occupying 935 bytes.
DMI table at 0x000DC010.
BIOS Vendor: Phoenix Technologies LTD
BIOS Version: GD.M1.08
BIOS Release: 09/27/2001
System Vendor: Hewlett-Packard.
Product Name: HP OmniBook PC .
Version HP OmniBook XE3 GD .
Serial Number T*********.
Board Vendor: Hewlett-Packard.
Board Name: N/A.
Board Version: OmniBook N32N-736.
Asset Tag: No Asset Tag.

But... my maestro3 still does not work properly. Does yours? Or you
have another soundcard?
"I do not steal MS software. It is not worth it."
-- Pavel Kankovsky
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