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SubjectRe: Some compiler warnings in 2.4.17-pre5
Date said:
> [both jffs2 and ppp have own copies of zlib]

They have identical copies of zlib, except for a typo fix in a comment in
the PPP version which was made after I copied it. It's probably worth
hacking the makefiles so that only one gets built and included.

In due course, the new zlib in fs/inflate_fs will get expanded to do
compression as well as decompression, and moved out of fs/ where it doesn't
really belong. At that point, JFFS2 and PPP can both use that.

You could prefix all the non-static symbols in either or both of these zlib
copies with 'ppp_' or 'jffs2_', but I prefer not to do that as it's just
hiding the problem, not fixing it.


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