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SubjectRe: Strange problem with 2.4.x kernel
> What is your line speed ? 

I have CABLE MODEM connection and I have aout 40 kbps speed from
I think it is not so slow ;-))), I get linux kernel archive in 10 minutes ;)

> ProFTPD 1.2.0rcX and 1.2.2rcX (and probably other
> versions) corrupts data on slow links (e.g modem) when compiled with
> --enable-sendfile option (default). Could you try downloading on fast link,
> or from mirrors ?

I tried download from different places. So, it doesn't work.

As I said before in my posts, I suspect my RAM SIMM's (thanks to kernel hackers which gave me a lot of help)
So, I have to test it and I will know whats going wrong.

> To
> Could you please check ? Thanks.

I think that this is problem with BIG tar.gz files, because if I try to ungzip
kernel 2.2.19 everything goes fine, so it must be a hardware problem.

Thanks a lot for your help

Mateusz Łoskot
GG#: 792434
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