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SubjectRe: horrible disk thorughput on itanium
Andi Kleen wrote:

>>You can be thread-safe without sucking dead baby donkeys through a straw.
>>I already mentioned two possible ways to fix it so that you have locking
>>when you need to, and no locking when you don't.
> Your proposals sound rather dangerous. They would silently break recompiled
> threaded programs that need the locking and don't use -D__REENTRANT (most
> people do not seem to use it).

I would worry about threaded progs that don't -D_REENTRANT as
they are broken.

> I doubt the possible pain from that is
> worth it for speeding up an basically obsolete interface like putc.
> i.e. if someone wants speed they definitely shouldn't use putc()

It's not just putc, it's all of stdio.


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