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SubjectRe: horrible disk thorughput on itanium
In article <9upmqm$7p4$>,
Linus Torvalds <> wrote:
> Isn't somebody ashamed of glibc and willing to try to fix it? It might
> be as simple as just testing a static flag "have I used pthread_create"
> or even a function pointer that gets switched around at pthread_create..

As the person who started this thread, I'll say that I'm willing to
test new alternatives, Redhat engineers gave me a newer kernel to see
if it helped (it didn't) and if someone can give me (or point me to) a
glibc with better io I'm glad.

Right now I have to explain to my boss why my $4K pentium computers do
io faster than my $20K itanium computer. And since our major software
code is 3rd party, we can't rewrite the appilcation.

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