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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.17-pre6 drm-4.0
> Linus ditched drm 4.0 months ago.  It only survives in arch add on
> patches like ia64 and in -ac trees.

No, it also survives as an add-on tarball for the standard kernel:

Let me dig through my old mail so I can quote Linus on this... Here's
what he said in his Linux 2.4.8 announcement message (Subject
"Linux-2.4.8", sent on August 10th of this year):

> Ok, this one has various VM niceness tweaks that have made some people
> much happier. It also does a upgrade to the XFree86-4.1.x style DRM code,
> which means that people with XFree86-4.0.x can no longer use the built-in
> kernel DRM by default.
> However, never fear. It's actually very easy to get the old DRM code too:
> if you used to use the standard kernel DRM and do not want to upgrade to a
> new XFree86 setup, just get the "drm-4.0.x" package from the same place
> you get the kernel from, and do
> - unpack the kernel
> - cd linux/drivers/char
> - unpack the "drm-4.0.x" package here
> - mv drm new-drm
> - mv drm-4.0.x drm
> and you should be all set.

The impression I get (for 2.4) is that DRM 4.1 comes standard but you
should still be able to use 4.0 if you want, via that tarball.

-Barry K. Nathan <>
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