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    SubjectSMTP->Windows connection with 2.4.16

    Hi Guys,

    A friend of mine is having a problem connecting to Blueyonder's SMTP
    server with a 2.4.16 Kernel. He has helpfully provided the following
    information to illustrate the problem. Is this a known issue with 2.4.16?
    Can anyone help? If so, what more information do you need (tcpdump
    output, .config file, ...?)

    # telnet 25

    Connection refused

    # ping

    Replied normally

    # telnet <any other mail server including Telewest's inbound one> 25

    Worked fine

    # nmap -sS -P 25

    Showed the port as open

    # nmap -sT -P 25

    Showed the port as closed

    After this, he rebooted back in to the RedHat 2.4.9 Kernel (RedHat 7.2
    with updates applied) and it was all fine. Unfortunately he had already
    fired off a nasty email to Blueyonder's tech support (but it serves them
    right for running a Microsoft server).


    Andy Jeffries | Scramdisk Linux Project | Lead developer

    "testing? What's that? If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up
    it is perfect."
    --- Linus Torvalds
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