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SubjectRe: NVIDIA kernel module
At 04:19 PM 6/12/01 +0100, Michael Kummer wrote:
>any1 got the NVIDIA module working when eg. the nvidia framebuffer code is

The RivaFB code and the Nvidia module stamp all over each other afaik. Have
you tried this with their latest binary module (1.0-2313)? Least that now
plays nicely with devfs. Only real way (afaik) is unload the RivaFB module
when the Nvidia module is loaded, and vice versa.

Of course, this means that while X is running the consoles won't have
FrameBuffer, but hey, them's the trade-offs. You can do this in
modules.conf (modutils stuff) using the pre-install option.

pre-install NVdriver rmmod rivafb

If the NVdriver module is unloaded when you quit X (depends if it was
dynamically loaded by X, which "should" work if modutils isn't broken [not
usual] and the appropriate stuff is placed there by the Nvidia install),
you could use a modutils post-remove option.

post-remove NVdriver modprobe rivafb

Of course, there is no guarantee that it will unload immediately (if at
all), so you may lose the FrameBuffer till NVdriver is purged/removed. I
have no idea if this would work, as I don't use the RivaFB module at all.

If I got this wrong, I'm sure Keith Owens will enlighten me (probably with
a large clue stick - since it's in relation to one of his pet hates,
Nvidia). *grin*

Stuart Young -
(aka Cefiar) -

[All opinions expressed in the above message are my]
[own and not necessarily the views of my employer..]

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