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SubjectRe: SMP/cc Cluster description
>>>>> "Larry" == Larry McVoy <> writes:
Larry> Where this approach wins big is everywhere except the page cache. Every
Larry> single data structure in the system becomes N-way more parallel -- with
Larry> no additional locks -- when you boot up N instances of the OS. That's

I was wondering about multiple OS instances in their own address
space. What's the need for separate address spaces for the kernels ?

It looks more natural to me to _actually_ have N instances of kernel
data structures in the _same address space_, i.e. turning
each global variable into an array_ indexed by an "instance id",
much in the same way as we have now per-CPU structures. Well,
I don't actually think it would be as simple as stated above, I'm just
proposing it as a general approach towards ccclustering.

(btw, there was some discussion on #kernelnewbies, on Nov 12th and
21st, you can find the logs here


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