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SubjectRe: i810 audio patch
Doug Ledford wrote:

> Well, your second version of the file had the merge done right (my
> code didn't include S/PDIF support or PM support, so those parts were
> different, but the parts that were the same as my code were done
> correctly). I'm attaching a patch that bumps the code from your 0.05b
> to a unified 0.06 and I'm also placing the 0.06 i810_audio.c.gz file
> on my web site in the same place that I put the 0.05 version. If
> people could please test this and report problems back, I would like
> to get this one off my plate (aka, I don't want to hear any more about
> artsd not working ever again so I want testers to tell me that it's
> fixed ;-)

Ok, fixed the divide by zero but artsd doesn't quite work with 0.06.
almost but not quite.. sound works normally with non-artsd stuff but
artsd decides to stop writing because select() never signals that the fd
is writeable. it just times out.

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