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SubjectRe: thinkpad t21 lockup when using pcmcia package
In clouddancer.list.kernel, you wrote:
>I seem to have narrowed down my lockups to when I use a recent 2.4
>kernel (currently on 2.4.15-pre8) and the external pcmcia source

You should probably move to 2.4.16 at a minimum.

>(currently have 3.1.29 on my system). The main reason I use the pcmcia
>source is that I can't get my orinoco card to work with the kernel's
>modules, though it works out of the box with the pcmcia source.
>The problem I'm having is that if I leave my laptop on overnight (with
>the (kernel + pcmcia package combo) it locks up sometime during the
>night after a few hours of inactivity on console. If I leave an ssh
>session into it doing stuff it still locks up. However, if I apm
>--suspend it. It surives the night fine. It also seems to survive find
>if I use the built into kernel pcmcia package.

It's probably the pcmcia package, try different versions. I can leave
my T21 up for days running any of several of the kernels from the past
2 months.

>As this is just a case of "hanging" and there's no messages in syslog on
>reboot, anybody have any clues on how to diagnore this, and fix this
>(and I'd personally think that understanding how to get my orinoco card
>to work with the in kernel source drivers to be a fix)

That's probably it, however I do not have that card.


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