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SubjectRe: scsi_dev_init who is calling & where its defined?
On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Kousalya K wrote:

| Hi all,
| I'm trying to find out how linux kernel calls scsi_dev_init function
| after kernel image is loaded.
| I got information from web that , the sequence is,

What web page/URL? What Linux kernel version is it for?
I'm just guessing that it's out of date.

| "init() will call do_basic_setup() which inturn will call
| device_setup()-> scsi_dev_init()->scsi_init()"
| /* init() and device_setup() are definied in main.c */

init() calls do_basic_setup(), which calls do_initcalls(),
which calls all module_init() functions for "modules"
that are built into the kernel, including scsi_init() if
SCSI is built into the kernel (instead of being a loadable

| But I'm not able to find out the function call for device_setup()
| (defined in /usr/src/linux-2.4.2/drivers/char/pcmcia/serial_ cb.c)
| function from do_basic_setup() function.
| device_setup function is not at all calling any scsi related functions.

Yes, there are some (other) device_setup() functions: pcmcia serial
and wanrouter, but not in scsi.

| Could anyone please tell me the flow of how scsi_dev_init is called,
| which inturn call what are all the functions?

Above, except omitting "scsi_dev_init".

| Could you please provide the the location of the file where the
| scsi_dev_init and scsi_init function is defined?

scsi_dev_init() doesn't seem to exist (in 2.4.16).
scsi_init() is in linux/drivers/scsi/scsi.c .

| /* In linux-2.4.9 kernel, I'm not able to find out function
| device_setup and also the file serial_cb.c
| Any ideas? */


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