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    SubjectRe: Strange messages with 2.4.16
    A Dimarts 04 Desembre 2001 07:10, va escriure:
    > >>>>> "Erik" == Erik Tews <> writes:
    > Erik> invalidate: busy buffer
    > Erik> ... What do they want to
    > Erik> tell me? Has anybody else seen this messages?
    > I see them during shutdown (or reboot); a quick grep shows that
    > they are coming from fs/buffer.c: invalidate_bdev(). My kernel
    > is with RAID-1, and without lvm.

    i get it _sometimes_ after a hdparm -t /dev/md0 which is a software RAID-0
    stripe with 2 IDE hd. running 2.4.15-pre8

    but no idea what it means....

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